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Andrew is in his twelfth year with Lifford Wine & Spirits representing one of Canada’s finest portfolios to Eastern Ontario. As a wine agent, Andrew’s days are spent shaping restaurant wine lists with Ottawa’s sommeliers, helping private clients fill their cellars, as well as hosting wine tastings, dinners, and wine education sessions with his unpretentious approach to tasting and presentation. Andrew is certified by WSET, has worked harvests in The Okanagan Valley as well as Prince Edward County, and was recognized in The Globe and Mail as one of The OHI's Top 30 Under 30 in 2014 for his work in the wine & spirits industry.

He couldn't ask for a better job, and he couldn’t ask for a better city – Ottawa’s restaurant scene is bursting with innovative food, serious wine lists, and fantastic people behind their delivery. Established in 2010, this blog is an effort to promote the dynamic wine scene in our nation’s capital and beyond. When he's not poreing over wine lists or tasting with sommeliers, Andrew can be found drinking a nice tequlia or boubon cocktail on a patio, knee-deep in a river fly fishing, bird hunting with his dog, or playing steel guitar in his country band.  You can follow Andrew on Instagram @Andrew.Rasta

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