Ottawa Deep Freeze = Wine Time

If you don't live in Ottawa then you may not know we're in the middle of a deep freeze. I wouldn't say unseasonable, as it can regularly get to -30C (plus windchill -46!), but in the past few years this has been a little less common. Its the time of year that wine bottles explode in cars and breezeways over night, and restaurants are taking their breaks after a busy holiday season. For this reason it's been a good month since my last blog post. Its cold as hell and there hasn't been a lot going on of interest, so between heading back to the family farm for Christmas, doing some hunting, having a few dinners out, and plenty of wine evenings with friends, the Ottawa deep freeze is decidedly good for 2 things: winter sports and wine drinking.

So I thought a little post about deep-freeze down-time wine-appreciation in the Great White North might be an apropos way to kick of 2013 on Capital Wine. Here's a few shots of the good times that bridged 2012 and 13.